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The Exchange Newsletter

February-March 2018



The Exchange Daily News Bulletin.

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Download the 2017 Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Plan here.



Vessel reporting services for agents:Westwood Olympia


Vessels and their agents are able to utilize the services of the Exchange by paying a 'Vessel Reporting Fee' for each vessel's arrival.


These services provided by the Exchange include:

- Act as liaison, information hub

- Access to all vessel information

- MFSA monitoring / response coverage

- Interact with government agencies to implement efficient procedures and processes

- Monitor government regulations and initiatives from an operational perspective

- Maintain VHF radio coverage for Columbia river

- Set up call jobs

- Submit NOAs / crewlists to government agencies (if necessary)

- Submit BW reports to government agencies

- 24/7 ship movement information

- Calling with leave-up and river times

- Knowing who to call for movements

- Relay information to/from vessels (VHF)

- Answering vessel related questions from vendors, suppliers, crew etc.

- Reference data storage

- Potential problem notification

- Access to radio patches

- Maintaining weekend duty lists

- Pager and Cellular Phone rentals