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The PSGP is one of the Department of Homeland Security's grant programs that directly supports maritime transportation infrastructure security activities. PSGP is one tool in the comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by the Administration to strengthen the Nation’s critical infrastructure against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks. 


The vast majority of U.S. maritime critical infrastructure is owned and operated by State, local, and private sector maritime industry partners. PSGP funds available to these entities are intended to improve port-wide maritime security risk management; enhance maritime domain awareness; support maritime security training and exercises; and to maintain or reestablish maritime security mitigation protocols that support port recovery and resiliency capabilities. PSGP investments have to address Coast Guard identified vulnerabilities in port security and support the prevention, detection, response and/or recovery from attacks involving improvised explosive devices (IED) and other non-conventional weapons.


The PSGP plays an important role in the implementation of the National Preparedness System by supporting the building, sustainment, and delivery of core capabilities essential to achieving the National Preparedness Goal (the Goal) of a secure and resilient Nation. Building core capabilities requires the combined effort of the whole community, rather than the exclusive effort of any single organization or level of government. The PSGP’s allowable costs support efforts to build and sustain core capabilities across the Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery mission areas.


Eligible Applicants
Pursuant to the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, as amended (MTSA), DHS established a risk based grant program to support maritime security risk management. Funding is directed towards the implementation of Area Maritime Security Plans (AMSP) and Facility Security Plans (FSP) among port authorities, facility operators, and State and local government agencies that are required to provide port security services. In administering the grant program, national, economic, energy and strategic defense concerns based upon the most current risk assessments available shall be taken into account.


In past funding years, certain ferry systems were eligible to participate and receive funds.  However, any ferry systems that elect to participate and accept awards under the PSGP are not eligible for the Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP).  Likewise, any ferry systems that elect to apply for funding under TSGP are not considered for funding under the PSGP. 


By law, DHS must direct these funds to the Nation’s highest risk ports. To comply with this requirement, the PSGP covers a total of 146 ports identified as critical. Based upon USCG recommendations, these ports are aggregated into 90 discrete port funding areas. Eligible entities within other Port Areas covered by an AMSP may also apply for PSGP funds.


Program Awards
All port areas are assigned to groupings based on relative risk rankings. The highest risk ports are designated as Group I, lower risk ports are assigned to Group II. To ensure the highest risk ports receive the bulk of available funds, the majority of funding is allocated to those port areas in Group I. Port areas compete for the funds allocated to their respective groups. 



The Merchants Exchange of Portland as Fiduciary Agent

The Merchants Exchange was selected, for the Columbia-Willamette-Snake River (CWSR) Port Area, as the fiduciary agent and the direct recipient of the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) for the fiscal years 2007 Supplemental through 2011. All grants awarded to the Merchants Exchange, as fiduciary agent, have closed.

The fiduciary agent ensured that all port partners are incorporated within the planning and grant allocation process. The Merchants Exchange acted as the primary point of contact with FEMA for application, management and administration of the grant awards. Financial integrity of the grant funds as well as consolidated reporting requirements and program compliance was the direct responsibility of the Merchants Exchange.


A Grant Team was created that was composed of:

  • The Merchants Exchange as the Fiduciary Agent and Direct Recipient
  • The Sector Columbia River USCG
  • The Sector Columbia River Area Maritime Security Committee
  • The Program Sub-Recipients





PSGP Funding Availability  

All PSGP FY 2007-2011 CWSR funds have been fully allocated to sub-recipients and the awards have closed. Allocations/awards to direct recipients for FY 2012-2016 have occurred. If you have a question regarding FY 2012-2016 allocations/awards, please visit the FEMA Preparedness Non-Disaster Grants webpage or use one of the resource links at the bottom of this page. If you require further guidance or have questions about future funding opportunities, contact Katrina Dahlke at or call 503-220-2095.


A FY-17 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) was released the first week of June, and the submission opportunity has closed at this time. Information regarding the FY-18 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) will be released in the spring of 2018.



Reporting Requirements for PSGP FY-2007-2011 CWSR Sub-Recipients


Equipment Inventory Reports, if applicable, require annual submission by October 15, from the time of acquisition until all property/equipment purchased with federal grant funds has been disposed or appropriately depreciated below $5,000. Property and equipment records must be retained for 3 years from the date of final disposition or reporting.


Sub-recipients who expend $500,000 or greater in federal funds in a fiscal year are required to comply with the Single Audit Compliance regulation in OMB Circular A-133.


Please visit your Grant Fiscal Year Homepage on the Merchants Exchange website to view specific reporting requirements.



Maintenance Contracts and Warranty Coverage Funded by Preparedness Grants 


Issued May 10, 2013.  This FEMA policy supplements guidance outlined in Information Bulletin (IB) #336 and #379; specifically regarding the use of preparedness grant funding to support ongoing capabilities associated with maintenance contracts, warranty coverage, licenses, and user fees that extends beyond the period of performance. Please click here for a copy of the policy.



FEMA GPD Policy Page (08/22/14)


***On behalf of the Regional Coordination and Oversight Branch, Grant Operations, Grant Programs Directorate***


The Grant Programs Directorate (GPD) is pleased to announce the publication of the GPD Policy page which is now live on This page will serve as a single, online resource for GPDs stakeholders to access FEMA grant policy.


The new Policy page can be accessed directly on at This page is also accessible from various other grant related pages throughout, to include the main Grants landing page located at


GPD will continue to ensure accurate and timely management and maintenance of the site’s content. This is a significant step forward in providing more efficient access to GPD policies and enhancing communication and outreach with internal and external stakeholder groups.


Questions regarding this announcement may be directed to your FEMA Program Analyst or the Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk at or (800) 368-6498.



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