The FY-17 PSGP will focus on:

Strengthening governance integration                                                                                                                           Enhancing strategic ports within the National Port Readiness Network                                                                               Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)                                                                                                                Enhancing IED and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE) prevention, protection, response and supporting recovery capabilities within the maritime domain                                                                                             Enhancing cybersecurity capabilities                                                                                                                             Maritime security risk mitigation projects that support port resilience and recovery capabilities, as identified in an Area Maritime Security Plan or facility security plan Training and exercises                                                                                 Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) implementation.


Funding Availability  


DHS/FEMA will release a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NoFO) for fiscal year (FY) 2017 PSGP funds by the first week of June.


Historically DHS/FEMA created two eligible groupings. Group I consisted of the highest risk ports as determined by a DHS risk formula. Group II included all other eligible port areas. There are no group distinctions in FY-17. The Columbia-Willamette-Snake (CWSR) Port Area is one of over 145 specifically identified critical ports who will compete for $100,000,000 on a national level. All public and private entities in the CWSR Port Area will be competing with the nation’s other regions and their public and private entities.


Grant recipients may use up to 5% of their award for management and administration activities. Typically, individual PSGP projects (including construction projects) may not exceed $1,000,000. PSGP projects must address USCG identified vulnerabilities in port security. The performance period in the FY-15 PSGP is 36 months, ending 08/31/2019. Applicants may apply for 5 projects and are required to provide a cost-match of 25%. No distinction will be made between public and private sector applications.


  For additional information please see the resource links below or contact Katrina Dahlke at dahlke@pdxmex.com or (503) 220-2095.  

Contracted Grant Management & Administration 

Our practices have been proven through the successful application and award to FY-2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 PSGP applicants. Our knowledge and skill in grant management and administration is further evident in our FEMA Region X Financial Monitoring Reports that resulted in zero findings. Seize the opportunity to reduce the administrative responsibilities associated with being the steward of federal funds and focus on the core operations of your project or investment. The Merchants Exchange stays current on changing regulations, providing programmatic and financial compliance for grant recipients.


Resource Links 

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