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The Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) funding priorities are to:

  • Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Enhance IED and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive prevention, Protection Response, and Recovery Capabilities
  • Enhance Port Resilience and Recovery Capabilities
  • Provide Training and Exercises
  • Provide equipment associated with Transportation Worker Identification Credential implementation



Funding Availability 


As noted in FEMA Grants Directorate Information Bulletin No. 387, all funds have now been allocated and awarded.


FEMA released a Funding Opportunity Announcement for fiscal year 2012 PSGP funds on February 17, 2012. The major changes involved with grant year 2012 are a 60% reduction in the overall funding of the program. The Columbia Willamette Snake River System (CWSRS) was one of 48 Tier II port regions who competed for $29,250,000. All public & private entities on the CWSRS competed with 47 other regions and their public & private entities.  The Fiduciary Agent was eliminated in this round of funding and the performance period shortened to 24 months. Applicants were required to complete a two stage application process directly to FEMA prior to May 4, 2012. Applicants were able to apply for up to three projects and were required to provide a cost-match of either 50% for private entities or 25% for public entities/consortia. A cost-match waiver was available and was stringently considered by FEMA on an individual basis.



For additional information please see the resource links below

or contact Katrina Dahlke at or 503.220.2095 



Contracted Grant Management & Administration


For the grant fiscal years 2007 Supplemental through 2011, the Merchants Exchange has gained direct experience in grant management and administration as the official Fiduciary Agent and Direct Grantee of the Port Security Grant Program funds for our region. The Merchants Exchange is prepared to offer our experience in grant management and administration as a service to grant funding applicants.


Please visit our Grant Management & Administrative Services Hompage for service descriptions.


For more information please contact Katrina Dahlke at 503-220-2095 or



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